Our Story

Bondia Hotels is motivated by innovation and the search for a unique and inspiring experience. After a long experience in the hotel industry, we face our future with an open mind to change and with the enthusiasm of the first day.

Bondia Hotels does not only provide rooms, it offers the client much more: dreams, experiences, sensations and unique moments that will remain in the traveller's memory.

A unique formula, whether in our coquettish Ofelias or the sober Casa Elliot, located in the heart of the most cosmopolitan Barcelona, or in our cosy and family hotels on the coast, where the essence and joy of the Mediterranean invades them.

Our clients, inspired by the Slow Travel philosophy, not only want to visit a city or an area, but to discover it, get to know it, enjoy it and integrate into it. That is why Bondia Hotels wanted to stop time in the Lunas Hotels and offer moments to relax and fill up with good energy in an ideal environment with a selection of activities carefully designed for this purpose.

In each and every one of them we have the same philosophy that identifies them as Bondia Hotels: a great team motivated by a single objective: to offer our customers the highest quality and comfort in an environment with its own personality.